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Humanoid Monthly Issues

The Cisco Grove Alien Robots and the Kentucky Space Goblins (January - February 2019)
It's Sunday, August 21, 1955, Kelly, Kentucky. It’s around 7 p.m. and Elmer “Lucky” Sutton is headed to the well to draw some water. On his way, Lucky saw a classic saucer U.F.O. float past him and land in a nearby field. 
A farm dog alerted the men to the beings arrival. Elmer and Billy Ray exited the farmhouse to see the creatures coming towards them; they then went back inside and armed themselves with a shotgun and a small .22 pistol. The first shot was taken at a strange face that popped its mug in front of a dining room window. The men claimed that the shotgun blast that the creature received knocked it back and gave off a metallic rattling sound. The gunshot had no effect on the creature, however, and the gun battle ensued.

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Attack of the Melonheads (October 2018)
It was the early 1980s in Connecticut and bored teenager Megan O'Connell, along with a small group of friends, pile into her friend Debbie's baby blue Grenada and headed to the infamous Dracula Drive where the melonheads are said to haunt the woods. 
They arrived to the location and began their search. They had made it less than a hundred yards when they heard the cars engine fire up. They run back to the car only see its lights flash and start tearing down the road. 
As the car rocketed past, from the safety of the tree line, the group observed what they had come to find. It was a couple of large headed humans. It was them - it was the melonheads. 

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Strange Creature Encounters (September 2018)
I’m an insurance salesman who insures rural peoples homes. It is low cost home insurance so it is affordable. Most major companies won’t insure people who use wood stoves to heat their homes without the prices becoming unaffordable.
Most people would describe my clientele as ‘hillbillies’. 
I was driving to a small village two miles north or Mount Pleasant on my way to meet a new client who wanted to take out a policy on her small cabin. 
I walked around back where a small figure was stacking wood. It quickly became apparent that the thing was not human. It was very short – about three feet tall – but muscular and stout. It wore no clothes but its entire body was covered in fur. It had a human face except for a black nose like that of a dog. The eyes and mouth were very humanlike except bigger. 

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More Human Than Humanoid (August 2018)
More Human Than Human Humanoids…
The men in black don’t know how to act.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
December 1st 2000 
over the course of two nights, a witness manages to have two UFO sightings. The first nights sighting was a craft with a V shape tail and two rows of round and oblong windows. It was black, grey and silver in color and rumbled loudly as it passed by. This was the start of what was to be a very strange encounter with three odd men. 

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Bigfoot: The Green Blooded Alien (July 2018)
Bigfoot might not be from these parts…
The idea that Bigfoot is a yet-to-be-discovered North American bipedal ape is hard enough for most people to believe, but to imply that the big guy is really an alien makes it even harder for people to fathom. But, if you think about it, the idea that Bigfoot is an alien, with glowing green eyes and Green luminescent blood, actually simplifies the Bigfoot mystery.
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The Mason Michigan Leaf Pile Humanoid

April 1st, 1996 - April Fool's Day. In Mason Michigan a family is raking the leaves from the yard only to uncover an alien body. The being was described as thin, small, under 4 feet tall, and had a silvery skin. The head was described as larger than a normal person's and the body was described as in a state of decay. It is said that the body was transported Michigan State University by authorities, whoever those authorities were, they are never mentioned by name. (i.e. police, F.B.I., etc.) The discovery of the being was reported in the local news and newspapers the next day, however, nothing is ever revealed by MSU as to what the being was. Perhaps it really was a cover-up constructed by those that would silence the alien reality on Earth, it is also likely that it was a  April Fool's prank that has, overtime, become obfuscated by mythology.

White Sands Missile Range Mutilation

March 1956 Bill English was assigned to analyze a case file for a military disinformation project known as project Grudge. The case File involved a rare situation involving human mutilation. Sergeant Jonathan Lovette and an unnamed soldier were tasked  to collect debris from missile test being conducted at White Sands Missile Range. The two men drove up to an embankment in their assigned Jeep  got out to investigate. Lovette's companion witnessed a tentacled snake out from behind the embankment only to wrap around  Lovette's ankle where it dragged him over the hill and out of sight from the shocked soldier. Seconds later a silvery disc  arose from behind the embankment. Lovette's body was found days later with his eyes, genitals and rectum cored out in a similar fashion to cattle mutilations. The body was also drained of blood. The unnamed soldier that accompanied Lovette that day was initially charged with murder but the charges were later dropped. *The unkno

Possible Loveland Frog Men Home Invasion

I'm a huge fan of aliens that are described as "frog-like" or beings that are touted as "frog men". I think it's simply because they are rare. How many times can you hear an alien grey description before you become jaded? I'm already there myself. As a matter of fact, I'm even starting to bore of reptilian encounters, but a good frog man encounter - count me in! This encounter happened in Wullagi, Northern territories in Australia and was reported by a four-year-old girl. The more jaded skeptics might roll their eyes at the age of the witness, but I'm personally not too put off by this fact, as there is evidence to corroborate her claims.  The little girl claims that three men that looked like frogs entered through the bedroom window where she slept with her mom in the same bed. They were surrounded by a fog and had bulbous frog eyes. She tried to wake her mom with no success. The family dog that, slept in the same room, did not respond