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The Mason Michigan Leaf Pile Humanoid

April 1st, 1996 - April Fool's Day. In Mason Michigan a family is raking the leaves from the yard only to uncover an alien body.
The being was described as thin, small, under 4 feet tall, and had a silvery skin. The head was described as larger than a normal person's and the body was described as in a state of decay.
It is said that the body was transported Michigan State University by authorities, whoever those authorities were, they are never mentioned by name. (i.e. police, F.B.I., etc.)
The discovery of the being was reported in the local news and newspapers the next day, however, nothing is ever revealed by MSU as to what the being was.
Perhaps it really was a cover-up constructed by those that would silence the alien reality on Earth, it is also likely that it was a  April Fool's prank that has, overtime, become obfuscated by mythology.


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