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Aquatic Bigfoot / Dogman in Chile

In Virgilio Sanchez-Oceja's book, "UFO Pets", resides an interesting account of an aquatic bigfoot/dogman (dogman on account of the muzzle).  It took place on June 18th, 2000 in Tocopilla, Chile. A group of young people were on the beach enjoying a bonfire whe an eight foot tall creature with big eyes, a long snout and long hair emerged from the water.  It tried communicating with the kids through grunting. In seemingly apparent defeat at a successful bonding session, the creature put a hand of one of the partygoers shoulders and walked back into the water it had first emerged. The youths claimed it left a green algae-like hand print.

Alien Humanoid Spotted in Oregon

On June 6th, 2018, in Siletz, Oregon a 12 year old girl was out with her mom and her mom's boyfriend searching for wood to make bows with when the young girl spotted a strange, skinny humanoid. She described it as about 4 foot tall, oval shaped head, with dark brown eyes the size of quarters. There were no apparent ears or nostrils, just a bump where a nose is traditionally seen. There is also no mention of a mouth in the NUFORC report along with any description as to foot and hand digits, something that commonly differs in humanoid reports. She also stated it was skinny, emaciated to the point of seeing clear rib definition. The girl spotted the being twice. Both times she described it as making fast movements. She also described what is referred to as the "oz factor", wherein the surrounding environment becomes unnaturally silent. In this instance, however, there was more than an unnerving silence. She described an odd buzzing, and any remaining noise had a strange

White Sands Missile Range Mutilation

March 1956 Bill English was assigned to analyze a case file for a military disinformation project known as project Grudge. The case File involved a rare situation involving human mutilation. Sergeant Jonathan Lovette and an unnamed soldier were tasked  to collect debris from missile test being conducted at White Sands Missile Range. The two men drove up to an embankment in their assigned Jeep  got out to investigate. Lovette's companion witnessed a tentacled snake out from behind the embankment only to wrap around  Lovette's ankle where it dragged him over the hill and out of sight from the shocked soldier. Seconds later a silvery disc  arose from behind the embankment. Lovette's body was found days later with his eyes, genitals and rectum cored out in a similar fashion to cattle mutilations. The body was also drained of blood. The unnamed soldier that accompanied Lovette that day was initially charged with murder but the charges were later dropped. *The unkno

The Mason Michigan Leaf Pile Humanoid

April 1st, 1996 - April Fool's Day. In Mason Michigan a family is raking the leaves from the yard only to uncover an alien body. The being was described as thin, small, under 4 feet tall, and had a silvery skin. The head was described as larger than a normal person's and the body was described as in a state of decay. It is said that the body was transported Michigan State University by authorities, whoever those authorities were, they are never mentioned by name. (i.e. police, F.B.I., etc.) The discovery of the being was reported in the local news and newspapers the next day, however, nothing is ever revealed by MSU as to what the being was. Perhaps it really was a cover-up constructed by those that would silence the alien reality on Earth, it is also likely that it was a  April Fool's prank that has, overtime, become obfuscated by mythology.