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Possible Loveland Frog Men Home Invasion

I'm a huge fan of aliens that are described as "frog-like" or beings that are touted as "frog men". I think it's simply because they are rare. How many times can you hear an alien grey description before you become jaded? I'm already there myself. As a matter of fact, I'm even starting to bore of reptilian encounters, but a good frog man encounter - count me in!

This encounter happened in Wullagi, Northern territories in Australia and was reported by a four-year-old girl. The more jaded skeptics might roll their eyes at the age of the witness, but I'm personally not too put off by this fact, as there is evidence to corroborate her claims. 

The little girl claims that three men that looked like frogs entered through the bedroom window where she slept with her mom in the same bed. They were surrounded by a fog and had bulbous frog eyes. She tried to wake her mom with no success. The family dog that, slept in the same room, did not respond to the invasion as well. 

The girl was poked and prodded in the arms and stomach, but the description of this process is not elaborated, nor is the description of the creature's departure. 

The mother recounted that she experienced being paralyzed during the night while hearing movements within the bushes outside the bedroom window. Scorch marks were later found on the lawn and on parts of the bushes outside the window.

It wouldn't be impossible that the duo experienced sleep paralysis at the same time, but the fact that there is physical evidence at the scene makes it more compelling. 
The most well known frog man sighting happened in Loveland, Ohio back in 1955. The creature was first spotted by a salesman and later by a local police officer along with other, less documented witnesses. 

The frog man was described in a multitude of ways - from lizard-like to wearing a cape and wielding a sceptor that emitted a shower of sparks. The latter would suggest our frog man to be some type of alien, as was the probability with our Australian encounter.

The "sparkler" wand thing depicted in the Loveland account might explain the scorching of the vegetation in the Australian case, albeit seemingly unmotivated (not to mention dumb and seemingly unecessary). 
The Loveland frog men were also witnessed in a group of three, another link to our Australian case. It's not an undeniable slam dunk that the two are related, but in a field were solid evidence is lacking; it is, at the very least, a possibility. 


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